Christine (taro_twist) wrote,

A belated rec + a drabble

I didn't get the chance to mention this when it was first posted, but during her LJ-versary ficathon, the awesomejen_in_japan surprised me with Like Wine Through Water, an incredibly sweet story about Clark and his college mermaid girlfriend, Lori Lemaris.  It's wonderful!  College-aged Clark is so adorably inexperienced and, um, overeager XD, Lori kicks ass, the water—the water!  It is so pretty!  It makes me want to go swimming!  And their relationship is so doomed, but manages to be happy in the face of that.  Mmm, and the telepathy ... don't get me started on that, lol ...

Anyway, you guys should check it out! *prods the flist*  And thank you again, Jen, for catering to my obscure pairing. *grin*

Aside from that, I wrote a drabble for htbthomas's
Dead Brown Bunny Drabble-a-thon!  (Don't ask, lol—just click on the link!  ;p).  Gah, my first real drabble ever! *hides*  I don't think this even makes sense!  But here it is ...

Title: Predator
Character(s): Clark Kent
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: DC owns all, blah blah blah
Word Count: 100
Summary: Clark gets his telescopic vision.

Clark was doing laundry when it happened. He was trying to fold his shirts neatly (even though Ma would refold them regardless), when a movement caught his eye: a hawk, dropping through the air. Moving to the window, Clark watched the bird dive-bomb the yard, its talons closing around a shivering brown rabbit. He marveled at how the hawk had managed to spy its prey from so high up before it hit him: the animals weren‘t in his yard, but miles away. 

Clark squeezed his eyes shut. Maybe he wasn’t so different from that hawk. 

He hoped that wasn’t true.

Tags: fanfic, gen, recs, superman

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